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May 21

Grab Some Attention with Hello Bar


Have you ever thought about ways to capture leads, expand your customer base and increase your sales revenues via WordPress? You can do so by installing plugins that provide the functionality to meet your business objectives and capture greater attention from your customers.


One plugin which is excellent for this purpose is the Hello Bar plugin.

What Is Hello Bar Plugin?

The Hello Bar plugin is a notification alerting application that can signal various messages and important reminders for visitors to your site. It comes with a fairly easy set up process and upon its installation, allows a notification bar to be displayed on your site that prompts responses and information. It offers a high quality user interface and allows numerous advantages to companies which operate their businesses online.

How Does It Help Your Business?

The Hello Bar plugin provides immense opportunities for your business to acquire new customers and increase its sales figures. It does so by the following.

Helps in Lead Generation
Lead generation means capturing interested customers for the purposes of extending your sales pipeline. Hello Bar notification alert service can help achieve I in the following ways

1)      Build user base through email signups or newsletters

Hello Bar can alert the various benefits your site has to offer simply by registering your email address to subscribe and receive newsletters on a regular basis. Including messages in your notification bar with attractive colors and designs will appeal to the attention of users and help garner more interest in becoming loyal subscribers.

2)      Make engaging landing pages

A second way the Hello Bar can prove useful in generating leads is by making landing pages more eye-catching to users.  Since the key to a great landing page is by including a valuable offer and strong call-to-action, the Hello Bar can incorporate this to redirect traffic to a particular post or video and generate conversions in the form of higher sales.

Increase Visibility across Social Media Networks
Visitors to the site are quick in getting bored and uninterested. It is usually the case that visitors to your site viewing a particular article or post make it all the way down to the bottom and see the numerous social media network buttons you have included to share for more visibility.

The Hello Bar however, can be customized to include strong call-to-action and heading that prompts users to share content on different networks.

Allows More Focused Audience Targeting
One of the great things about the Hello Bar is that it is more than just a simple notification bar that grabs the attention of users; it also helps you track and monitor how many people have clicked a specific link or headline contained in it. Changes to the design, layout and call-to-action can be tested to determine and measure the extent to which change brings in the most number of clicks. This allows businesses to analyze and adapt best practices according to their target audience.

End Note

The Hello Bar service is an outstanding plugin for WordPress which helps companies utilize and see greater traffic to their website and thus greater conversions and sales revenue. It further allows testing and changes to be made in order to track and monitor the results capturing leads.

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May 19

Get Social on WordPress with Social Media Feather


WordPress is a fantastic platform for creating and sharing your content. Be it a website, blog, or a post even, WordPress grants you exceptional possibilities in enriching your content using a combination of text, audio, image and video files. Moreover, it integrates brilliantly with your social media applications allowing readers and visitors to share content at the click of a button.


However, there are always plugins you can install to optimize on your functionalities and enhance the reading and viewing experience of your content. One plugin in particular is the social media plugin – Feather.

What is the Social Media Feather Plugin?

The WordPress Feather plugin is an extremely lightweight free addition that can be installed to enhance your social sharing features of your content. It emphasizes a particular focus on ease of use and fast sharing that allows it to stand out from the countless other social media plugins for WordPress.


Feather’s significance rests on minimizing the unnecessary burden and lag in viewing content on WordPress. Readers and viewers of content on WordPress often experience lags in sharing content on their social media sites and greatly affects their experience. Feather allows a simple and seamless reading experience for users and makes sharing content very easy

How to install it?

Installing the plugin is fairly easy on WordPress. To get started, log in to access your dashboard. Upon opening your dashboard, you will see a list of tabs on the left-side corner. Beneath ‘Appearance’, there should be ‘Plugins’. Click it to drop down and select ‘Add New’. You will be directed to another section and in the search plugins text box, enter ‘Social Media Feather’ to access the plugin and click ‘Install Now’ to proceed and finish installation.


Once the installation is complete, select ‘Activate Plugin’ which leads to a new ‘Social Media’ item to be added under Settings and a ‘Social Media Feather Plugin’ is also added under Widgets in the Appearance section.

Getting Started

After you have successfully installed the plugin, go to Settings and then Social Media and tick the ‘Display Follow Button’ check box and save the changes. You need to then go to Appearance and click on the following widgets: Social Media Feather: Sharing and Social Media Feather: Follow Us. The widgets can then be added to your main sidebar and for each social media application; you can select the icon skin and start using once you are done.


The Social Media Feather’s absence of Javascript is the most important feature of the plug-in, which allows social media sharing to be far more quick and easy to use. It supports a wide range of applications from Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter to Google+, and YouTube to Pinterest and more.


Another feature of the plugin is that it allows highly customizable icon skins that can be configured via fading and graying. It further allows social media sharing options to be turned off or on individually.

End Notes

Social Media Feather plugin is a highly reliable, fast and lightweight plugin that allows a simple and seamless user experience for WordPress. To reap the benefits of social media, get started now!

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May 14

Learn What it Takes to Convert On-Ramps to Regular Members


Offering the first workout free to new clients is a great way to get people in the door and give them some basic understanding of CrossFit and your specific Box. This workout should be informative, basic enough for everyone to feel successful at the end, and informative about the next steps to joining your Box.


For many CrossFit Boxes, the next step is enrolling in an “On-Ramp” or “Foundations” course. This is a great way to recruit new members, but what’s key is what happens once the course is over. Do you have a sales plan in place to convert these new recruits to regular memberships? If the answer is no, here are a few ideas to try.

Build in Regular Membership to On-Ramp Courses

Create a new member package that features an On-Ramp class along with a membership commitment of 3, 6, or 12 months. You could make this package full of value-added perks such as a nutrition manual, workout log, and one-on-one 30 minute goal setting session with a trainer. Yes, you may have some people balk at this type of long-term, intensive commitment, but remember that the quality of your new members is more important than quantity. This offering also requires extra work on the front-end for you and your staff, but the payoff is worth it. After the initiation process is complete, you’ll have added a committed, knowledgeable, and connected member to your community.

Offer Personal Training Sessions as an On-Ramp Option

For prospects that can’t make a traditional On-Ramp course work for their schedule, offer them the option to sign up for a package of personal training sessions that include most of the same perks of the regular new member on-ramp package. As the new member nears the end of their package, offer them a discount on the first month of regular membership to assure retention.

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Create Personal Connections from the Get-Go

Assimilate new members into your CrossFit community quick. Establish an on-boarding system between your staff and new members. Assign a coach or trainer to each new member to set up a goal-setting session and check-ins at regular intervals. Send each new member an information email about your Box that includes hours, policies, and links to your website, online schedule, and social media channels.


After the initiation process is complete, you’ll have added a committed, knowledgeable, and connected member to your community.

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