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Jun 11

Using Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress


The feature of plugins in WordPress goes a long way in adding various functionalities to the site or blog and enhancing the execution of the content. One plugin in particular is the Google Analytics plugin. Getting insights of visitors to your CrossFit website on a monthly basis and how long the average visitor views your post for example, can give your company the edge in tailoring its content marketing efforts more appropriately.


However, many do not know where to begin using the Google Analytics dashboard. Many wonder how to install it and others are overwhelmed in how to make the best use of it.


Here is a guide on how to use the Google Analytics dashboards for WordPress.

What Is A Google Analytics Dashboard?

A Google Analytics dashboard is an area where all kinds of information, statistics and data regarding your visitors can be seen. Having a Google Analytics dashboard in WordPress means it frees you from having the need to search through the application and analyze the results when you can instead just view it on your dashboard.

How to install the dashboard?

Installing the dashboard on your WordPress page requires first having a Google account. Once you have set up your account details and logged in, you will see four tabs on the upper left side of the screen: Home, Reporting, Customization and Admin. Click on Admin and click on the middle column ‘Property’ to drop down and select a new website to track.


After you have selected the website, a Javascript tracking code will be given to you which you can add in your site’s header.php file. If you are using an advanced WordPress theme, then you can add the code by accessing settings.


Alternatively, you can install a Google Analytics plugin on your WordPress page. This way, it is a lot easier and convenient.

Ways of Generating Reports

Customization and Export Tools
The Google Analytics page offers various ways of generating reports and analyzing statistics and trends of your data. It consists of the following tabs: Email, Export, Add to Dashboard, Shortcut.

By clicking on email, you can send the report to your contact directly. Secondly, the export option allows you to display your reports in six formats such as in PDF form, Excel or view it in Google Spreadsheets to name a few. Shortcuts can also be added and renamed for ease of navigation and relevance. Adding a shortcut allows you to access specific reports more easily and quickly than viewing the aggregate data shown.

Intelligence Events
This feature helps you track and monitor visits to your website on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Viewing data in this way allows you to too see the number of views on your page, clicks, conversions and more.

Reports showed in real-time enable you to see the current data of your site or blog.  These reports are displayed in five different types. Data of site visits in the last half an hour are also shown in detail.

Make Custom Reports
If you find that the usual reporting methods are not relevant to the needs of your company or goals, you can make custom reports instead by selecting the metrics that matter to you most.

End Note

Google Analytics is an incredibly useful application to analyze trends of the number of visits to your site, monitor and track trends, and turn data into strategic marketing decisions.

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Jun 9

The Importance of SEO for Your Site


Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for nearly two decades. Its inception in the mid 90’s saw a decent usage of Meta keywords by websites in order to increase their search engine rankings. Companies have given their utmost attention to SEO for digital marketing success and have continually adapted to its constantly changing features and tools to always keep themselves one step ahead.


However, even after the explosion of social media websites and networks, the prospects of SEO for business still remain a mystery to many companies. Many consider SEO a simple tool used for enhancing search engine results and often cannot comprehend the benefits it can provide to their businesses.


Here we will show what SEO is, how it works and why businesses need to get their hands on it for added financial success.

What exactly is SEO?

Search engine optimization refers to a series of tactics and methods used to increase the search engine rankings of content with the sole objective of diverting traffic to your website. Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing are often the most commonly used platforms for SEO and have algorithms in place to rank the content based upon a set of elements such as keyword usage, Meta link descriptions, and so on.

How does it work?

Search engines operate via two activities: indexation and crawling, and providing a ranking of relevant search results.

Crawling and Indexation

In this function, automated robots known as ‘spiders’ crawl through the entire content or website and build better links between the different elements in order to increase its visibility. A code is then generated by these search engine spiders and stored in a large database for it to be recalled whenever a user types the relevant keywords.

Ranked search results

Search engines use certain algorithms to determine the level of relevance of the content to the keywords typed by users to search for information. However, what influences relevance depends on an array of different factors which undergo constant change and evolution. When users’ keywords match the relevance of the content, it is recalled from the database and displayed on search engines.

What benefits does it offer to businesses?

SEO provides immense marketing advantages as well as cost efficiencies. Here are some of the following.


Increase Traffic
Utilizing SEO means ensuring your website or content is ranked higher on search engine results and is noticed first before your competitor’s. SEO is the most basic of methods to outpace your rivals in e-commerce. Tools can be configured to increase its relevance and quality so that more and more traffic is diverted to your site in order to benefit from higher conversions and revenues.

Branding purposes
SEO is one of the easiest ways to inform others about your brand. The higher your website or brand ranks on search engine results, the more people will come to know about your brand and build trust and credibility.

Cost efficiency
SEO can help target multiple people at a fraction of a cost and can prove itself far cost-efficient than using non-digital marketing channels and methods. Its effectiveness is further optimized when it helps supplement inbound marketing tactics, such as lead generation, that can have a substantial positive impact on your sales pipeline.

Bottom Line

SEO is not outdated; it is a foundation of conducting business online and can prove instrumental to companies outpace their rivals, build credibility and awareness for their brands, and secure higher sales growth and profit maximization. Without SEO, companies will only find themselves pushed out of the market by competition and absence of user traffic on their websites.

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Jun 2

Tips and Tricks to Retain Members


The good news about retaining members is that it’s simple. The bad news is that it’s not easy. And, the reality is that it is key to your success as a CrossFit Box.


Now, don’t panic and start flipping tires at the thoughts of working on member retention strategies. It really can be a simple process, you just have to put consistent time and effort into doing it — much like workouts, right?!


Here are a few tips and tricks to help you keep members coming back again, and again.

Require a Commitment from the Start

With such a wide variety of fitness options these days, people have become conditioned to shop around, drop into free classes, and move onto the next big thing relentlessly. This may be nice for the individual, but can be devastating to your business. An easy, quick fix to weed out the tire-kickers is to include your On-Ramp course as part of a new membership package which also includes a 3, 6, or 12 month membership.


While some prospects may balk at that type of long-term commitment, keep in mind that the quality of your new members is more important than the quantity. Having new members come in and out through a revolving door is a drain on your gym’s resources and your staff’s time. Now’s let’s work on keeping the members who have made this initial commitment.

Improve Member Experience

Check in with your members to see how positive their experience is at your Box. You can ask a few basic questions in an email survey where members can give anonymous feedback. How professional, friendly, and helpful are the staff? How clean, comfortable, and communal is the facility? How inviting is your community of members? Review the feedback and quickly implement any easy changes immediately, and start to work on more long-term improvements. Let your members know you heard what they said and what your plan is to improve their experience.

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Build Dynamic Relationships

Help your members build relationships within your CrossFit community of coaches, trainers, and members. Send email newsletters, keep your website up-to-date, stay active on social media, and organize special events inside your gym and fun activities outside your gym. Deepening the interpersonal relationships of your members will help keep them as committed members of your Box.

Show Results

Yes, your members are looking for results. That’s why they came into your gym in the first place. Help keep them on-track with their goals by providing them with resources to stay accountable such as community challenges, workout or nutrition logs, and public recognition of their achievements with Athlete of the Week Clubs.

End Notes

With these strategies in place, you’ll be providing your members with an incredible amount of value, on top of the amazing training they are receiving from you and your coaching and training staff. Your reward? Highly-engaged and motivated members that want to share the love by inviting friends to join and giving you shout-outs on social media. Those are gifts worth their weight in gold.

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