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We were fortunate to get involved with ButcherBox at the conceptual level. Mike Salguero (CEO) was so impressive, we basically begged to work with him … and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. It has provided a wealth of experience to our team that extends far beyond a simple success story.

In the early days of ButcherBox, Level One Sites provided website development services, design services, ongoing operational development, onsite office solutions, amongst a few other services. ButcherBox was able to leverage our services to launch a brand and a company that not only disrupting the meat industry, but corporate norms as we know it.


Men’s Health Voted Perpetua the Best Gym in the World, and we know why. This is a significantly talented team that operates high end fitness/lifestyle businesses in London and in Dublin.

We’ve been fortunate to work with several “Worlds Best” and they are no exception to the rule. We’ve provided several websites, design services, light SEO/lead gen consulting services and helped with new launch.

Brian Shaw

4x Worlds Strongest Man

Brian Shaw is known by many as the World Strongest Man. Around our office, we see him more as one of the worlds nicest men. A true gentleman in every sense of the word. There is never a doubt that at any point he could crush us like a grape – but there was also never a doubt that he wouldn’t.

We helped Brian Shaw and his wife on 4 website projects over the last several years.

Jason Khalipa/ NC.fit

Worlds Fittest Man 2008

Jason Khalipa has grown an absolute global business empire with his NC.fit brand and we have been fortunate to work with Jason on a part of that journey. He outgrew us. We’re not mad at him for it. As his empire grew, we were able to help him consolidate many of his brands and technology as well as help transition him to an internally hired team.

Jason is not only inspirational on a fitness level, but also as businessman, husband and father.


Yes, we built a website for Twitter. Let me repeat that. WE built a site FOR Twitter. True story bro. It’s like the ultimate party “one upper” story…. Besides the guys that walked on the moon. That’s tough to beat.

When Twitter HQ was building out some employee wellness programs, we partnered up with them to build the “Fitter Twitter” employee health and wellness program. Totally fun to work with the team at Twitter and collab on something that benefits the hard working employees of Twitter.