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Crossfit-websites.com was started. Email blast send out… included CFHQ.

Jun 15 , 2011

With a desire to sell websites to CrossFit boxes we purchased the url "crossfit-websites.com" thinking it was a great idea. We immediately sent out an email blast...

CFHQ educates us on copyright infringement

Jul 03 , 2011

The legal team over at HQ informed us that we can no longer use the term "CrossFit" in out url... ooops.

Level One Sites is born

Jul 08 , 2011

After some scrambling... we got the company relaunched on short order.

Reebok calls

Aug 17 , 2011

They were looking for some advice on digital strategy.

Incorporated Level One Sites

Jan 01 , 2012

This was Level One Sites "real" birthday, but who's keeping track right?

Offices opened

Sep 12 , 2012

First one and shortly thereafter a second tiny little office was rented to house the owner and an aspiring young intern.

Site #100

Jun 17 , 2013

Our 100th site goes live: http://crossfitimpressions.com/

Big Office

Jul 09 , 2013

After hiring the team one at a time and having them bounce between working from home and the mini offices, it became apparent that we needed a proper office. We pulled the trigger on a very nice office where we had all the staff in the same place. We also had a conference room where we could hold consultations with customers.

New partners get involved

Mar 15 , 2014

The buyout of the programmer was not possible without bringing in some help. This is where two new partners came more fully into the picture. They had been involved before in the background, but now they stepped up to the front because they believed in the vision and direction of Level One Sites.

Site# 200

Jul 14 , 2014

Our 200th site goes live: http://www.crossfitblueash.com/

QuickBuild website project started

Jul 16 , 2014

The dream of a software to help our internal processes was just a dream at this point. Something on a white board that we promised to come back to later.

Site # 300

Jul 13 , 2015

Our 300th site goes live: http://axebrosinc.com/

FreeBoxWebsite.com was launched

Jul 18 , 2016

Now that we had this awesome software we decided to launch it to the CrossFit market. People really liked the product but didn't know the name.

Site # 400

Sep 12 , 2016

Our 400th site goes live: http://www.crossfitmeta.com/

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